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Paul and Diane Browning

Founders of Stuart & Frank's G.Y.M.™

Paul and Diane   




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Paul and Diane became husband and wife in 1992 and 3 years later, in 1995 became business partners; a decision that was to change their lives forever. 

Paul and Diane are the co-founders of Stuart & Frank® Training Limited and co-founders of Stuart & Frank's G.Y.M.™

Before they met, their lives couldn't have been much more different.  Diane left school with no qualifications and no real direction in life and making many mistakes along the way.

On the other hand Paul had a great education at a top Nottingham grammar school, before going on to Trent University to qualify as a Microbiologist.  Despite having many jobs after leaving school Paul enjoyed a successful 17-year career in Sales & Marketing.  He also admits to making many mistakes along the way.  It simply goes to prove that a good, even a great education does not always determine success!

When Paul and Diane first met they had both arrived at the same point in life; a dead-end life of debt, divorce and despair.  They both decided that things had to change.  And they decided to risk their entire future together on one decision.  They decided to create their own business.

"The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing.  He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live."  Leo F Buscaglia PhD.  1924-1988 Motivational Speaker & Writer.

Pentasol (FB) Limited was created in 1995 in a spare bedroom of their family home.  Despite being in debt, Paul and Diane attracted two wealthy investors into their Vision, and rapidly developed Pentasol into a profitable business by employing creative marketing strategies and carefully selecting and training the right people to achieve their corporate goals.  Pentasol's customer base included Everards, Nestlé, Britvic, Carlsberg, New Covent Garden Soup, Campbell's Soup and many other food and beverage manufacturers.  Today Pentasol is part of CCL Pentasol Limited Haydock.

In 2004 Paul and Diane sold the business and moved up to the enchanting Isle of Skye.  For the first time ever in their lives they had time and money freedom.  Puzzled by this rags to riches transformation, they both began searching for answers to a burning question which would not disappear – "How have we turned a life of debt and despair into a life of health, wealth and increasing happiness?" And so began a 5-year journey searching for answers by studying the works of the great Teachers of Mind Development and Transformational Wisdom, both past and present.  One thing led to another and in 2009 they both landed at the feet of Bob Proctor in Florida and in the same year graduated as Certified and Independent LifeSuccess Consultants, authorised to provide coaching or seminars anywhere around the world.  Paul and Diane now teach LifeSuccess strategies helping people to create success, prosperity, rewarding relationships and conscious awareness by empowering them to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own mind.

Whilst all of this was going on Paul and Diane created two new businesses to finance their adventure of discovery.  Northern Hygiene Services was set up in 2004 as a consultancy firm to the food and beverage industries in the UK.  And in 2007 Amber Iris Limited was created as a marketing company buying and selling inflatable pubs (yes that's right inflatable pubs!) to the UK market, the United States and Europe.  Bacta-Basics Hygiene Limited was added to the portfolio soon after, providing cleaning chemicals to Scottish food and beverage manufacturers. 

By 2009 Paul and Diane had secured satisfactory answers to their question relating to failure and success and decided that they would spend the rest of their days studying human behaviour and helping individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their true potential.  In 2009 they created Stuart & Frank® Training Limited www.stuartandfrank.com In the same year Paul decided to create probably the world's simplest book on personal development and success, an Owner's Manual for living a successful life 'The Story of Stuart & Frank – How You Can Achieve The Results You Really Want' was first published in 2011 and the book now forms the basis for Stuart & Frank's G.Y.M.™ and the range of Personal Success Workshops and Business Success Workshops.

Stuart & Frank's G.Y.M.™ develop and deliver workshops to high value-added activity markets including the Prison Service, DWP, Education, Police, NHS, Commerce, Project Management, SME's and multinational corporations.  Specific clients they are currently working with include the HSBC, Lincolnshire Police, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Burton and South Derbyshire College, The Grantham Jobcentre Plus and The Association of Project Management.

Stuart & Frank's G.Y.M.™ Personal Success Workshops teach strategies to individuals helping them to create personal and professional success, prosperity, rewarding relationships, better health and a higher conscious awareness by empowering them to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own mind.

This concept works just as successfully through groups, organisations, and businesses and when blended with a package of classical marketing and business development solutions provides a powerful synergy to propel businesses forward in these rather uncertain and bumpy times.

Paul and Diane are successful serial entrepreneurs and both are Certified and Independent Life Success Consultants.  Paul's contribution to a long career in sales and marketing has been recognised by two of the industry's governing bodies and he is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.