Thinking Into Change™ is a powerful programme that provides an entirely new mind-set for your staff at all levels, quickly transforming behaviour throughout the entire organisation to create a more flexible, adaptable culture that thrives on change and manifests consistent success.

This programme is designed to create world-class leaders, world-class teams and world-class individuals.  Thinking Into Change™ explains how we do this; by developing an understanding of how your mind works to facilitate radical shifts in behaviour by thinking differently.




Since first visiting HMP Inverness in 2010 it has been our vision to create, develop and deliver a world-class programme for the UK Prison Service that would provide a benchmark for others to embrace.  Thinking Into Freedom is just that programme, and our philosophy of assisting individuals on their prison journey from “Jail to Job” is our prime objective, and one we have the confidence that we can deliver on a consistent basis.

Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M. Ltd create and deliver innovative coaching progammes to prisoners and ex-offenders in the community with the prime intent of getting people back to work quickly thus reducing re-offending.  We specialise in coaching Peer Mentors both sides of the gate.  

Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M. Ltd Thinking Into Freedom programme is designed to harmonise completely with the Delivery of Resettlement Services to all prisoners by CRCs as defined in the MOJ Target Operating Model: Version 3.  Namely: -

  1. To provide resettlement services before release.
  2. Meet the released offender at the prison gate, and
  3. Continue to work with them in the community.

Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M. Thinking Into Freedom programme will maximise the ability of CRCs to recover the proportion of their payment that is at risk and dependent on their performance in reducing reoffending.

Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M.™ Thinking Into Freedom Programme provides an invaluable tool which is designed to: -

  1. Significantly reduce re-offending.
  2. Assist released offenders back to work using our “Jail to Job” model – Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M.™ in the community.
  3. Assist released offenders to become responsible citizens by offering free local coaching at a Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M.™ near where they live or on-line.
  4. Optimising work skills and employability.
  5. Helping and supporting families.

Originally introduced to HMP Inverness in 2010, Thinking Into Freedom has been successfully delivered to HMP Birmingham and HMP Lowdham Grange.  Feedback from prisoners and prison staff validate the efficacy of this programme to transform attitude and behaviour and optimise employability upon release (References are available upon request).



Thinking Into Freedom has been successfully delivered to prisoners on long-term sentences.  The benefits of this programme for longer-term prisoners are: -

  1. It would enable them to build a vision of what their life would look like following release and they would have the tools to transform their vision into reality.
  2. It would build a feeling of hope and replace despair with a future to look forward to.
  3. It would reform character, attitude and behaviour during their stay and assist in making the stay more acceptable.
  4. It would give them a true purpose in life.
  5. It would provide them with greater sense of satisfaction and the courage to take greater responsibility.
  6. It would provide them with an expanded range of positive choices which would lead to positive outcomes.
  7. It would create a great deal of MOTIVATION for them and enable the remainder of their sentence to be more pleasing. 
  8. Because Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M.™ workshops strike at the root cause of human behaviour, the improvement in attitude and behaviour would have a knock-on effect and create a more favourable atmosphere for inmates and those who are entrusted with caring for them.  A win-win situation.


“This Thinking Into Freedom course has opened my eyes to create a better life for myself.”

“I’ve completed many courses in prison, but I can honestly say that I have learnt more from this to help me rehabilitate myself than all the other courses put together.”

“Because of this programme I have completely changed.  This programme really works.”

“I can confidently say that this course has been the best I’ve been on in the whole time I’ve been in jail.  Please let me know of any other courses you are running.”

“I hope this course will keep going on in other prisons so other inmates can learn what I’ve learned from Thinking Into Freedom.  Please let me know if you are doing any more courses.”

“I look forward to attend more programmes like this by Paul and Diane as your way of explaining things are very expressive and understandable.”

“I have found it very interesting and useful with regards to Motivation towards achieving positive goals in my life and also in learning to deal with my present dire circumstances in prison.”

“What I hope is everyone gets this knowledge as it is PROFOUND!

“This course is a refreshing change to the normal run of the mill offender behaviour courses.  Very simple and clever in its approach yet it’s the first time I’ve ever sat in a class in prison where everyone has become open and enjoyed the teaching.  Thank you very much.”

“You really opened my mind and eyes.  I understand that all my life I was living like FRANK.  I recommend this course for everyone.”

“We all have the potential to succeed in life and achieve great results but that was unlocked by you through this wonderful course.  It seriously was a pleasure and I would love to take part in future refresher courses.”

“I was personally in a bad place when I started this course and the information and motivation you encompass in the course has helped me more than words could ever express.  I will continue to work this programme throughout my sentence and beyond.”

“Thanks for your time words do no justice for what this course has done for me.”

“There are many courses I have felt I had to do in order to get where I intended to go.  Sadly not many have opened my eyes in the simplistic way that Paul Browning has in only 8 seminars.  Thank you for your help and support through this course, from the bottom of my heart.  I miss you now and hope to see you again.”

“Thank you! I have learnt so much on your course Thinking Into Freedom.  It’s allowed me to turn my wildest dreams into reality and enabling with techniques and tools for me to achieve and meet any goal I set out to do.” 

“The course encourages motivation and a good positive attitude amongst the class.  People ask my views on Thinking Into Freedom.  All I can say is be prepared to enjoy your future, as after this course the only way is forward and up.  Your approach will be completely different in everything you do from the day you start.”