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“Welcome to Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M.TM, your gateway to stepping out onto your own successful personal and professional life journey. By following the simple teaching principles you will learn at Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M.TM, I guarantee that you will reach the bright horizon of your dreams and achieve any goal that you set for yourself”.



(I’m not a Member of Parliament so please read on!)

Stuart and FrankFrom a dead-end life of debt, divorce and despair back in 1992 Paul Browning has risen to become a world class author, personal and corporate coach, professional speaker and now devotes his life to studying human behaviour and helping individuals, teams and businesses to achieve their true potential.

When many grandfathers are putting their feet up and taking it easy, Paul has proclaimed himself to be PAUL SELWYN BROWNING MP.  “No I’m not a Member of Parliament or in the Military Police and I’m definitely not an officer in the Mounted Police… But I am a MOTIVATED PENSIONER, and I MOTIVATE PEOPLE TO DO BETTER.” says Paul.

Regardless of your age or your background Paul can, through Stuart & Frank’s G.Y.M.TM and his team of super-charged Associates motivate you to achieve all of the Personal or Professional Success that your heart desires.  


Merv Wyeth interviewing Paul Browning before Paul delivered his Motivational Masterclass to The Association of Project Management Birmingham 7th March 2013